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Let me know.

Thereโ€™s some things that you should let me know that doesnโ€™t violate the borderline of your personal privacy or question my trust in you. For example, tell me where you are โ€“ simple as hell. I am a part of your life and so you are to mine. So, I would like to know what your doing with your life and not be so oblivious. Youโ€™re not going to keep your parents posted of your whereabouts then at least let me know just in case, God forbid, something happened to you. If I donโ€™t text you back for hours, you would be worried to. Also, I am not about to be the annoying girlfriend who asks around your friends. Itโ€™s not their responsible/obligation to answer where you at and sparks up gossip of our relationship. You can party, blaze up, and even do the most ridiculous shit with your boys; I donโ€™t give a fuck just let me know. Youโ€™re a guy for crying out loud. I understand your needs for spontaneous stupidity and โ€œguy timeโ€ because I need mine too. Hold onโ€ฆ I ALWAYS give you lots of time to hang with your pals without hesitation. The least you can do is have the courtesy of just letting me know.


I seriously despise late minute planning specially if it’s a trip because it never goes down as planned and so much miscommunication.

Happy birthday to my main chick with an ass ๐Ÿ˜ I love you, senpai! You’re suppa sugoii ๐Ÿ˜˜๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ #birthdayboy #19 #boyfriend #jkbigdaddyc (at Oishii Restaurant)
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We’re gonna regret not living each day we spend together to the fullest. Start looking back at where we could have done better or take back. Later just feeling guilty for not cherishing the moments we had alone. I just hope we don’t fall of out love honestly.. that our desire to be with each other will be this passionate when we’re apart in college. When that reunion comes, we’ll feel butterflies in our stomachs from the anxiousness like it’s the first time we’re hanging out again. After a long year of not looking forward to anything in my life, you prove me wrong. You’re the happiness everyone is bragging and nagging about. So whenever any one of us is feeling like we’re unloved or just out of part, I hope this will remember us that’s a lie. I’m really nervous about how this relationship will be like within the start of school, but all I know is, I want you to be there with me through it all.

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There’s no such thing as “pro-smokers”. So, don’t act like one. Don’t ever put someone down for doing it wrong when you can just always teach them how to do it right. All this hype about doing tricks and what not. Just always remember, you didn’t start it โ€” you joined it like everyone else. Getting it down right takes tedious amount of practice. You went through it, you should know.


I don’t know why you dislike me so much. I clean dishes, sweep the floors, cook, fold your son’s laundry โ€” basically I’m not useless unlike all his other exes. I haven’t done you or your family any wrong and treated you with respect you awfully don’t deserve from day one. All the “conversations” we had are just greets, farewells, and compliments given by me. So tell me, where in hell did I strong-fully disrespected you or question your authority within the month you have known me? Precisely, never. It’s so immature how you feel the need to nitpick everything I say or do to find one good enough reason to righteous dislike me. Too bad there aren’t any because whether you chose to accept it or not; I’m not all that terrible โ€” better yet, I’m a well-qualified young lady to date your son. I want to see you try to push me away and if you succeed, sure, you’ll feel victorious and think you remain in control of your son’s life, but you’ll see a change. He will distance himself from you โ€” not answer any of your calls/texts, come home late, or maybe not come home at all. I understand a mother’s belief that “no one will ever be good enough for their son”, but not giving any girl a chance not all is the real issue. All of God’s creation are perfectly flawed to their own uniqueness. You will grow a liking to me. You’ll see. Everyone else in the family has. It just a matter of time.

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